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Which of the following local anesthetics is called universal anesthetic?


        None of the Above

        FPGEE® True/False

        FPGEE® True/False in

        True/False questions present a statement, and alert the test taker to choose whether the statement is truthful. Test takers typically have a great deal of experience with this type of questions. The optimum testing ability is gained mostly by distinguishing the nature of statement made is either true or false. 

        True/False section in is designed to evaluate the test takers ability to demonstrate understanding or simple logic. True-False questions are well suited for testing student recall or comprehension. Test takers can generally respond to many questions, covering a lot of content, in a fairly short amount of time.

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        FPGEE® Pharma Calculations

        FPGEE® Pharma Calculations in

        Hospital/Clinical pharmacists has to perform simple/complex calculations as part of their professional practice in many instances. These include measurement of doses, dosage calculation, renal clearance, gas mixtures, buffering and acid–base balance and performing calculations related to drug dispensing. Pharmaceutical and clinical calculations are critical to the delivery of safe, effective, and competent patient care and pharmacy practice. Numerical problems are provided and answers, with working, are given in this section.

        This module of questions in is intended to allow the student ample opportunity to practice what they have learnt. It is navigation key to the quantitative ability and thinking in pharmaceutical sciences for students and professionals.

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        FPGEE® Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)

        FPGEE® Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) in

        The MCQs are frequently used to test knowledge and understanding objectively at the pharmacy licensing exams. They can be impressible as self assessment exercises and are particularly useful for revision purposes.

        The testing module of MCQ section in is targeted towards the needs of test takers appearing for pharmacy license examinations. The description in the presentation of multiple choice questions (MCQs) that covers the drug and disease information and its application. The questions also test that the test taker has a command of the basic clinical and pharmaceutical knowledge to be able to carry out the services in professional way. Questions addressing pharmaceutical calculations, formulations, medicinal chemistry and pathology are included.

        The information covered in the questions is comprehensive and very relevant to pharmacy practice and to solve the typical FPGEE® questions. It will be a very useful testing module for both for pharmacy preregistration examination test takers and for practicing pharmacists.

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        FPGEE® Matchings

        FPGEE® Matchings in

        Matching questions involve paired lists that require test takers to correctly identify, or “match,” the relationship between the items. Matching & Extended matching questions, along with other objective quiz are now ubiquitous in pharmacy licensing examinations. They provide a rapid method for testing a wide range of knowledge and marking is objective.

        Matching questions consist of "answers" with a pull down menu of choices which must be matched against the answer. The answer can be text or pictures/equations which must be correctly matched against a text list. The list of items in a right side column in matching question is not shuffled but shown in the same order as entered. The components in left column are shuffled as per the appropriate choice. The ease of attempting the matching is achieved only through practice. To facilitate this we have framed a blend of match the following questions in our practice study material.

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        FPGEE® Study Tables

        FPGEE® Study Tables

        We have retained the short tables of relevant physiological/ clinical and biochemical information for subsequent preparation in FPGEE®. The short sets of key points are placed in tabular form in this section. These are intended to highlight the clinical/biochemical information that we consider important. Factual knowledge in pharmaceutical sciences is so extensive and expanding so rapidly that test takers can easily find the information and key points in these study tables. We have put more emphasis on topics which are most important in FPGEE®, so that it makes easier for test takers to gets to grips with the essentials of the subject.

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        FPGEE® Case Studies

        FPGEE® Case Studies

        Case studies present the students with real-life examples of clinical scenarios and require them to apply their knowledge to solve the problem. The idea of including these case studies in was to meet the needs and challenges of a modern pharmacy undergraduate curriculum which integrates science and practice at community and hospital pharmacy.

        The concept behind the design of these case studies for is to help students integrate the knowledge gained during their undergraduate and pre-registration study. By integrating the biomedical and pharmaceutical sciences with pharmacotherapeutics, case studies can help students appreciate the relevance and importance of a sound scientific foundation in preparation for practice. By using these realistic cases, students can begin to develop the skills and self-confidence that will be necessary to solve the typical case study questions in FPGEE®.

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        FPGEE Flashcards

        FPGEE® Flashcards 

        One of the most critical questions of pharmacy license exams, are focused on fundamentals and basics of pharmaceutical sciences. These tests typically require a test taker to demonstrate that they have proficiency in all areas related to the pharmacy profession. Research proved that exam preparation by using the flashcards is one of the most effective ways for a test taker. Flashcard study modules are ideally best suited to provide adequate preparation and assure the test taker on the day of exam. Flashcard preparation module deals the repetitive methods of study to understand and solve typical test questions on the FPGEE®. Study after study has proved that repetition is the most effective form of testing preparation, and flashcards will do the job when it comes to quick learning. Our flashcards enable test takers in quick and effective preparation for FPGEE®.

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        FPGEE Practice Tests

        FPGEE® Practice Tests

        The creators of bring you the impressive, focused and strategic online practice test package that offers the most effective methods for preparing the Foreign Pharmacy Graduate Equivalent Examination. provides test takers with 10 online practice tests in truly unique format. All questions include comprehensive rationales and test strategies. Candidates preparing to sit for a FPGEE® benefit from our online practice test’s ability to accurately assess preparation levels. Our question pools consist of large sets of typical FPGEE® questions, enabling our online practice tests to provide a truly adaptive test session that mirrors the actual exam's model. We guarantee our 10 online practice tests; will better prepare you for the FPGEE®.

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        About FPGEE®

        About FPGEE®

        The Foreign Pharmacy Graduate Equivalency Examination, or FPGEE®, is one of the examinations required as part of the FPGEC Certification Program. 

        The FPGEE® is offered twice each year, and it is administered at Pearson VUE test sites throughout the continental United States. Only individuals made eligible during the FPGEC application process can take the FPGEE.

        Once you successfully complete the FPGEC evaluation process, you will receive a letter of acceptance to sit for the FPGEE® as well as detailed information on the registration and scheduling process. A FPGEE® Identification Card, which will contain instructions for beginning the exam registration process, will also be included.

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