Saturday, 27 April 2013

FPGEE® Matchings

FPGEE® Matchings in

Matching questions involve paired lists that require test takers to correctly identify, or “match,” the relationship between the items. Matching & Extended matching questions, along with other objective quiz are now ubiquitous in pharmacy licensing examinations. They provide a rapid method for testing a wide range of knowledge and marking is objective.

Matching questions consist of "answers" with a pull down menu of choices which must be matched against the answer. The answer can be text or pictures/equations which must be correctly matched against a text list. The list of items in a right side column in matching question is not shuffled but shown in the same order as entered. The components in left column are shuffled as per the appropriate choice. The ease of attempting the matching is achieved only through practice. To facilitate this we have framed a blend of match the following questions in our practice study material.

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